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Every blogger tries to make money out of it so that they can sustain their site for long while providing their users best of contents. In order to monetize their blogs people have tried many tricks and one of them being the affiliated links. But in most cases what happens is that they are denied of money that was promised to them when they started.

Now when everything is happening online then there are high chances that you will stumble upon people who do not keep their promises.

Some learn from their own mistakes and some take a lesson from other people’s mistakes. So, everybody is looking for that perfect link that will earn them real money and while doing the research VigLink came up.

viglink review

Whether it is good or bad or whether it keeps up to the payment promise or not was of utmost importance and for that you need to try it out once, else how would you know that it will work for you! They say really nice things about how they can help you earn from even the ordinary links too, but how far it is true you will be able to understand by the end of this article.

Affiliate marketing – helps in monetizing

VigLink Review Join Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is all about making money by referring your readers to a particular site by placing the links to those sites. If as a site owner, you have been using the product that you thought was good and would be helpful for your readers too, then you can provide the link and once any of your reader visits the site by clicking on the link provided in your site you will earn some money for that.

This referral money can be up to any amount and will be of real help in increasing your bank balance a bit.

Everything you need to know about money!

Make Money With VigLink

VigLink actually will be keeping a certain amount or percentage of the revenue, hat gets generated from the clicks made on the affiliate link which you have displayed on your site. Whether earning from existing link or the new links that are being inserted by them VigLink will be helping you make money.

It doesn’t really matter whether it is pay per click or the payment only after the sale takes place because in both cases you will be getting your dues.

There are some links where you will get paid once someone clicks on it and there are links placed on your site that will require the sale for acquiring any payment. VigLink works towards maximizing money for the publishers.


What makes VigLink stand out in the crowd?

VigLink Monetization Program for blogs

So, there are people who are all over the internet stating that they will help you in monetizing your blog through affiliate links, but whom to trust is a big question that you must be asking yourself for a long time now!

VigLink will draw your attention towards it because of the simple presentation it has and in the way it describes how it is going to help you in earning money. They have the power of taking all those general outgoing links and turn it into affiliate links thus making it possible for you to earn money out of them when a purchase is made through that link.

The way VigLink works with Javascript makes it completely SEO friendly therefore you are actually in a win-win situation out here.

If you are still wondering what is going on then here is a small example that will clear the air. If you are maintaining a blog where you suggest your readers about say beauty products and in your site, you have some direct links to online shopping websites where the readers will find the product.

There are readers who are taking your advice and are visiting the sites through your links and actually purchasing products but you miss out on some real money because you have signed up as individual affiliate but if you are with VigLink then they will take care of it and will help you earn a handsome amount out of it.

They try and monetize every link that you have on your site so that at the end of the day you get maximum money in your pocket.


Retailers and VigLink

VigLink can monetize links of more than 35,000 retailers apart from the big names eBay and Amazon. It doesn’t really matter what country you belong to because VigLink has retailer relationships all across the globe.

VigLink is associated with monetizing even the mobile app and the good news is that you can use it on Facebook or twitter too. With so many retailers they easily turn almost all links into one of the affiliated links that in turn helps you in earning money.

How VigLink makes it happen

Once you register with them, they will provide you with some code that you have to add up on your site. Once you have added then they will be taking it over from there and you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Now when your readers will be purchasing products through the links then you will also earn from there.

Work in progress

VigLink makes sure that it links out every possibility so what seems to be a simple and normal link to you can be turned into a monetizing affiliated link with them.

Even when you are reviewing a product and recommending it to the readers, then VigLink turns the product’s name into a link and once you click on the link it will take you to the site from where you will be able to make your purchase. They are always helping you out with the links making it possible for you to earn more and more.

Most importantly, it is SEO friendly and it is a trouble free way of making money. If you are not happy with the way linking is done, then you can voice it out and can actually control it.

Though the positives are more, but still it has some limitations too.

You will have problem in understanding the dashboard reporting and the full merchant list is unavailable, but the major thing is that if the Javascript browser is disabled then you VigLink won’t work. Apart from these few hitches t works just fine for almost any site.BuyNow

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  2. Thanks for the article. I’ve read some people report when you shorten you Viglink using Bitly commission is lost. Has anyone else had experience of this? I’m not totally convinced yet by Viglink being a way to make any decent affiliate money based on this. I may give it a try and see though?

  3. Hi Jitendra, what is their payment threshold? and I am not able to see any payment options in dashboard

  4. Viglink is one of the smartest way to monetize blog but it depends on the type of niche you are using because viglink pay only when user buy a product, but always it not convert to the lead to customer sometime user may change his or her mind and visit some other website and place the order. If we are focusing on lot of ecommerce related keywords and getting organic traffic than my recommendation vigilink will be the good choice to monetize your site if you are focusing on multi niche concept and getting traffic from various sources than infolik will pay better.

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    VigLink is Great Affiliate program, Always we are follow Who is giving More profit,I think it is a top one affiliate program thank for sharing Awesome review.

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