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Visual Composer is a WordPress drag-and-drop website builder that allows creating a website without any coding. You can start from scratch and build your site with more than 300 content elements or choose a pre-made template. Either way, it’s made to be quick and easy.

There is a free and a paid version of Visual Composer. The free version gives you all the tools necessary for a simple website, but premium allows creating complex layouts and taking control over the whole site, including headers and footers.

Visual Composer Review
Let’s quickly go over the main features of Visual Composer to see what it’s all about.

Content Elements

The building blocks of your site would be the content elements. Those vary from simple text block or image to complex post grids, contact forms, or timelines. By combining these elements you can create unique layouts.

There are also compatibility elements that are a big help when working with multiple tools together, like with WooCommerce, Yoast, and Captain Forms among many others.


You don’t always have to start from scratch when it comes to building with Visual Composer. There’s a wide variety of designer-made templates for a full page or template blocks which are for specific sections like the testimonial section for example. You can also find a template by your specific industry, like fashion, beauty, food industry, sports, etc.

Visual Composer Hub

A place where you can find all content elements, all templates as well as addons and integrations is the Visual Composer Hub. By simply downloading them you can add them to your content library.

You can get extra elements and templates with the free version, but premium gives you access to things like the popup builder, global templates, stock image, and GIF library. To get access to all features of the Hub, you should think about getting a Premium license.

Header, Footer, Sidebar Editor

With Visual Composer, you’re not limited to the theme default header, footer, and sidebar. The powerful Header, Footer, and Sidebar editor allow creating completely custom layouts without relying on the theme.

There are also templates for headers, footers, and sidebars that you can find in the Hub and that will make the job so much easier.


Visual Composer Review online

It’s no news that websites need to be responsive these days. So you’re in luck if you’re using Visual Composer because it is so easy to make a site responsive. There’s also a Responsive View option that allows checking how your site looks on most popular devices and then you can adjust anything that needs to be adjusted.

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Conclusion: Visual Composer Review 2023

Visual Composer is a powerful tool if what you want is to create a beautiful WordPress website. From simple layout to complex design, Visual Composer can do it all. Whether free or premium, there are no limits on what you can create.

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