Review 2023 : Is it Really Good? Pros & Cons

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For a successful online business you need a good website. It is as simple as that. What comes next is difficult. How do you get a good website made for your business? I mean if you have deep pockets then you can sure get good firms involved and get a professional one made but I assume most of us online entrepreneurs start small.

For us the favourite options are WordPress websites or blogger profiles. Contrary to general belief, I believe website builders can also be handy tool when it comes to developing websites. review

What is all about? Review 2023 : Is it Really Good? Pros & Cons

It is nothing but a platform, just like WordPress. The difference is that you can edit everything in real time. That means you can go to your page on the dashboard select the element you want to edit right on the page and do whatever you want with it. It is an all in one website maker which you can use to create dynamic but simple websites and launch your online assets. The only requirement is that you have a good internet connection as the tools it employs take up heavy data usage.

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Is worthy trying? features review

Before discussing about that let’s watch this video by WebsiteBuilder on YouTube

Now that you are clear with what exactly the tool allows you to do, do you think it is worth trying? I think so. When I started giving it a try I found it was quite easy to use and essentially didn’t require me to use any line of code. That is big plus. I mean for professional coders, there are no limits to what they can do with website design but for people like us who do not how to write a single line of HTML or any code for that matter, tools like are a certain way to create a powerful website and start influencing the internet. Webflow is a reliable website builder and a good competitor to, you can check our detailed Webflow review here.

Apart from the obvious advantage, there are also other perks. For instance, you get your free domain name. Initially, your domain will look somewhat like this: Review Saving Site

You have to upgrade by paying a premium to obtain a .com domain. Apart from that you also get free SEO tools which can help you boost your site’s search engine rankings as well as traffic stats. They also give you a Free Business Email Setup so that you can setup your own email list and do networking through email marketing. Plus, if have products on your mind and want to sell then they will set up ecommerce for you without any hassle.

Review of - advantages

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What about the functionality? Is any good?

Huge collection of templates

With over 10,000 templates available there will always be one which you like. You can just select it and start working on it in seconds. That is really cool. Even with WordPress, you need at least ten minutes for things to finally start. I am not saying that WordPress is not a great tool but still sometimes instant gratification works! review Templates

Easy Building Process

One click edits, instant installs and drag-drop features make a must try tool. Especially for a person like me who has always been lazy enough to learn hardcore coding. Everything is available in front of you. You can just select the area you wish to edit and then go on with it. It is easy website builder with many options.

Review editor

Dashboard has a very friendly dashboard. If you look it the picture then you will see that I was trying to create a portfolio about myself. I can directly go to where my name is and click on it to edit it. Same is the case with any other section. On the left you will find tools with which you can add or delete any element and even add code to your website. review Dashboard

Here is a video about their editor


From the dashboard itself you can navigate easily to any page or section of your website at the click of a button. You can navigate to pages and edit any page you want. review Tools

I would like to point out here that all templates provided by are mobile responsive. You can also edit your website in the mobile responsive mode which you can select in the top right section of the main dashboard or while navigating.I think that is a great feature as it allows you to enforce more control over your design and optimize your online asset according to the devices it will be viewed on.

You can navigate to the sections page and then you select each section of your website and work on it like headers or footers. It is the same like WordPress only with more power to you! Tools Review

From the Design navigation you can change the pager background, text style, fonts and colors. It is a great way to customise your website and add a more personal touch to it. Review Tools is based on a Freemium Revenue Model

After you are done with your website you can publish and maintain it for free but on a very a large scale. This is because to scale up the operations you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription. Otherwise you do not get a .com but something like this: Saving Site

You can easily publish the free site and promote it for people to come and visit. However if you wish to know the statistics regarding the performance of the website on the internet you will have to pay a premium. If you feel the need to upgrade your package then you can choose from various paid subscriptions of which are affordable and not that exorbitant. Pricing


Apart from having an exhaustive FAQ and a string of videos on their YouTube channel you can indulge them with direct chats and emails. The response time is great and the guys assist you with almost anything. They also provide with tips to blog and maintain a good online presence.

Conclusion: is good for people with no-coding background

To conclude, I will say that is a great option for non-engineers and non-coders to use their creative imagination and put it to reality without writing or knowing a line of computer code. If you have not tried it yet, then you should at least once. It may provide better things at a premium but anywhere else too, you will have to invest in your website to scale up your operations. Finally, I believe it is a good tool and can surely be used to build good websites, especially personal portfolios.

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