Why Google Dislikes Your Website

There are many who struggle with obtaining higher rankings in Google. The matter might lay inside your web site on why it doesn’t rank higher. Right now, and for the predictable future, Google is that the undisputed king of the web.

Google has parlayed its search engine traffic into one in all the foremost profitable businesses within the world and is presently pushing itself into markets starting from computers to automobile technology.

While Google could also be diversifying its business interests, its search engine and connected businesses still account for an enormous majority of Google’s monetary strength and this reality is probably going to stay unchanged for quite a while.

Because of its position as the most wanted search engine on the web (accounting for over 70 % of all search engine traffic) it solely stands to reason that by finding how to extend a site’s rank in Google would increase a site’s traffic.

google hates your site

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For most websites, a rise in traffic suggests that a rise in profit, and this can be the very fact that has led to a spread of ways all designed to extend a site’s rank on Google. whereas there are sensible reasons that any web site needs a better rank on Google, Google hates when folks take steps to extend traffic and here is why.

Poor implementation of SEO

Google doesn’t mind when individuals optimize their web site to extend their rank on their search engine. a rise in traffic to your web site usually suggests that a rise in profit for Google in a way. What Google will mind but is once you use SEO to form digressive traffic. Irrelevant traffic are guests to your website who are searching for data or a product that your site has nothing to do with.

once individuals land on a site that has nothing to do with what they were sorting out this not solely hurts Google (who depends on correct search results) however conjointly hurts your site in addition. SEO could be a terribly effective thanks to get traffic to your web site however it has to be done properly or Google like you such as you.

Too much Ads & irrelevant adds

Google makes lots of cash off the ads it permits you to benefit from on your web site. For these ads to be effective they have to be clicked on. This suggests that if you’ve got ads on your site that have very little or nothing to do with what your site will, then it’s less probably individuals will hassle to click on your ads.

Again both Google and your web site are hurt by this. once you are putting in ads on your web site, confirm to stay them relevant to the data or product your web site offers.

Low quality & bad content

Google depends on the accuracy of its search engine to power everything else it will on the net. From the ads to the correct of the results to the links to Amazon on your web site, Google desires these to be clicked on if it needs to create cash. When individuals return to a web site that has poorly written or irrelevant content, they’re abundant less probably to click on any ads.

If somebody finishes up touching sites with unhealthy content usually enough they will stop using Google as their search engine which hurts Google.

For this reason the only most significant factor you’ll be able to do is offer top quality content on your web site. Poorly written content  that has nothing to do with what your website is regarding are both bad things for not just Google however your site also.

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