Why Online Reputation Matters for Career Contractors

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Shakespeare once wrote about the necessity of having a spotless reputation. Over four centuries later, few professionals know how important it is to have a positive online reputation than contractors. Online reputations can make or break contracting businesses.

Online Reviews and Reactions Matter

Don’t underestimate the power and influence of Networx reviews and similar online ratings of your business. If you receive primarily positive reviews, they’ll show new customers that you run a reputable company and aren’t out to fleece people from their money. If you receive mostly negative reviews, they’ll make it a lot harder for you to drum up new or repeat business. Moreover, a strong online presence means you can respond to negative reviews and correct any issues that they may have. If people see that you’re committed to every customer’s satisfaction, they’ll forgive mistakes because they know you’ll fix them.

Online Accessibility Matters

Having a strong SEO presence means that potential clients will be able to find you when they look for a painter or a plumber rather than your competition. You need to ensure that your website is easy to navigate and provides the necessary information without any trouble. If a website takes too long to load, clients will go to the competition. You should also have a page dedicated to the most frequently asked questions that potential clients have, and you should also be available to answer other questions on social media.

Online Activity Matters

A strong online presence means that clients can come to you and order your services and products outside of regular business hours. It also means that people can contact you even if they can’t visit your physical location. Any good contractor should keep their site updated as often as possible because a visibly active presence encourages more business. Active social media accounts mean that potential clients talk to each other as much as they’re talking to you. This means more business still. Neglecting any of this can be fatal to your contracting firm.

Online Marketing and Advertising Matters

Social media allows clients to spread positive word-of-mouth advertising far faster than was thought possible just 20 years ago. Other forms of advertising are a lot cheaper through the internet than through more traditional means. You can send flyers online instead of spending the money to have them printed out and sent through the mail. You can offer special offers for people who use your website or social media accounts. If you can build your reputation and focus on SEO, even Google can work in your favour in time.

Online Experience Matters

Once you’ve figured out the simple methods used to track your site’s metrics, you can figure out what draws people into your business. If, for example, you’re a plumber with a website that sees more people going to pages concerning repairs, you can change your marketing strategy to focus on those repairs. If your latest blog post sees a jump in visitors, you can advertise your expertise in that subject to your newfound audience.

As long as you keep your online presence up to date and make sure that all your clients are happy, you’ll be able to maintain a sterling online reputation that will lead to repeat business and success for your contracting firm. It’s hard work, but it pays off in the end.

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