Why Right Link Building is Very Important in 2013

SEO is itself a vast field that improves the search result of a site and allows a business to groom in Internet marketing…But sometime even after implementing all the SEO techniques one enable’s to get the inclined results because implementing these methods is not the last thing to do in fact one should use SEO in a right way to get better results.

Some of the points are mentioned below that’ll definitely helps in improving the quality of SEO!!

Do not use sites with excessive amount of ads – Always use those sites that post a balanced amount of advertisements. Google have its own way to  rank a website, one amongst the method of Google enlightens that a site possessing several add isn’t an honest one, because the motive of those web sites are simply to achieve money by the mean of business enterprise advertisements, therefore always avoid such sites!!

Right Link Building

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Common Layout sites – Innovative sites with fresh content are usually better than those site which uses same design that appears outdated and aren’t in the slightest degree  of innovative. Google notice such flaws and those sites having same design ought to be considered as same and there is no use of providing link to each of those sites…

Copyright text Information – Always look for the copyright updating information for the site and always prefer the copyright of at most 2 years because the earlier copyright information tells us that the site owner does not have any interest over the site and does not update it often!!

Always look for the page rank – Page rank is the most important feature of a web page, good reputation of a site represent good PR.PR and reputation of a site goes in hand in hand! So, always prefer sites with good page rank.

No adult content – there are many sites that have adult content over their sites. Avoid such sites that have adult content as Google does not crawl throw these contents that contain adult content.

C – block IP – IP address is four digit binary number label assigned to every system, third binary digit represents the C-class IP. If the C-class IP of two sites are same those sites are considered as one site according to Google IP rules, so avoid such sites!

These are some of the tactics that one can implement to enhance the search results of the site!!

  •  Blog commenting
  • Forum commenting
  • Directory Submission
  • Social bookmarking
  • Article writing
  • Blog writing
  • Guest blogging
  • Creative activities like infographics, PPT, Image submission, PDF , Video creation.
  • Article submission
  • Classifieds submission
  • Citations(Business listing)
  • Profile linking (Web 2.0 pages links)
  • RSS submission
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Social Media Optimization(SMO)
  • Questions & answers Activities
  • Competitor analysis
  • Local listing
  • Branding with the help of SEO & SMO.

So I hope these techniques will help enhancing your web presence. If you have new techniques to share with me, share in the comment box below.

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  1. Julie Roy

    Link building is always crucial part of SEO, I always conflict of C class IP

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  3. Jackie

    I am delighted that I found this web site, precisely the right information that I was searching for! Link building is always crucial part of SEO Campaign

  4. Jatin Chhabra

    Hi Jitendra. Your post do offer good insight for those seeking “How to de seo” but Article writing, Social bookmarking is like things of the past. Well to say it in 2013-14 language, links that can’t generate any relevant traffic are useless.

  5. peluangproperti

    thanks for sharing for great SEO technique..

  6. Spook SEO

    Jitendra you have written all the activities an SEO perform to have the best results for their SEO strategies and there is no chance of his failure or to have a low organic response but we need to take care what we are doing and we need to avoid all that things that make us penalize.

  7. Smaran Alva

    Hey jitendra … a wonderful article for a newbie like me… Thanks for sharing 🙂 will try your advice


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