Wiziq Review with Discount Coupon 2023: (Free Trial Offer)

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This is the simplest solution for training. There are also incredible virtual classroom tools, course designers, assignments, exams, and reports. Teachers or tutors can create beautiful learning portals and add animations to teach students in an innovative and interesting way. In this post, I am going to share about WizIQ Review 2023.

Wiziq Review With Discount Coupon 2023

WizIQ is a cloud-based learning management suite for educational institutions and businesses.

The learning platform has built-in content creation and delivery tools that are relevant to both classroom and personalized online courses.
WizIQ’s Application Program Interface (API) allows an organization to easily integrate the platform into their existing Web site, Learning Management System (LMS), or management solution. Relationship with the customer (CRM).

Wiziq Review with Discount Coupon -Wiziq

WizIQ Virtual Classroom and LMS provide tutors, institutes, and organizations with a complete solution to teach live courses and start personalized courses. WizIQ is easy to use, affordable and gives students the ability to access classes from any location or device. With WizIQ, companies can set up their own learning/learning portal with features such as virtual classrooms, course creators, test and evaluation creators, personalized mobile applications, e-commerce, and reporting.

WizIQ is one of the world’s largest providers of cloud learning services. Over 400,000 teachers have used WizIQ to deliver training to more than four million students in 200 countries. The award-winning Virtual Classroom platform enables online delivery of online instructions by an instructor and has been recognized by several educational providers.

The WizIQ Online Academy Builder is a sign of a breakthrough in education technology, enabling education providers to join in creating their own academies within minutes. Online Academy Builder improves student engagement through the use of advanced features such as video streaming, mobile learning, discussion forums, live online courses, analysis and analysis assessments.


WizIQ eliminates the complexity of development and the problem of configuration costs and server infrastructure. This allows teachers to set priorities that they really know best. In addition, the integrated e-commerce feature enables providers to monetize their services and rapidly expand their reach in new markets. It also has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to configure courses, facilitate discussion, engage students, and monitor student progress in just a few clicks.

With WizIQ, students can take classes anywhere, anytime with the Live Class feature. This tool also serves as a communication channel between the teacher and the students and connects the two participants through live audio and video chat or text chat during a live lesson. Students can also record live courses in the past so that they can look back to review and consult.

Students can easily find the courses they have visited to share their ideas and views on a particular topic. This feature allows teachers to learn from their students and to better understand how to improve their courses and teaching methods.

With WizIQ, users of the application can contact other users in their contact list. This makes interaction with other students and teachers easier and more attractive and promotes learning and friendship. The platform also has a notification tool that informs students and teachers about deadlines, upcoming jobs, and soon.

WizIQ also provides an excellent support feature that allows users to easily access the support team and get an answer to their questions in no time. Just touch the phone icon to forward it to friendly and knowledgeable support staff.


WizIQ provides all the tools organizations need to create and distribute learning materials in a user-friendly suite. Here is the list of the most important course management functions:

Wiziq Review with Discount Coupon -Features

  • Virtual Classroom: The Virtual Classroom is a collaboration tool that enables teachers and students to connect during online classes.
  • Test and Evaluate: WizIQ exam authoring capabilities allow users to create different types of questions, set timelines for questions, and set invitation invitations for tests to prevent fraud.
  • Reports and Analysis: Instructors can view reports of important information, such as: For example, skipped course material and student progress. There are easy-to-use panels available.
  • Mobile Learning: WizIQ’s mobile learning application (mLearning) provides all the tools you need to teach online anytime online. The mLearning application is available in Google and Apple application stores.
  • Cloud Storage: Easily download, store and integrate all types of multimedia files in a secure, cloud-based hub. Organizations can choose the required storage space. Cloud storage options start at 1GB.
  • Video streaming: WizIQ gives organizations the ability to securely share and transfer videos. Video access is based on personalized permissions by giving students access to keys (tokens). Expired URLs and encrypted videos protect private information.
  • Content Creation: Content creation tools allow users to create multimedia presentations. Each created course can contain up to 100 minutes of audio and visual content as well as PowerPoint presentations.

Target Market

WizIQ aims to provide a scalable learning management solution to educational institutions, corporations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Listed 10 of its customers below:

  • Liberty Medical Scheme
  • Chatham University
  • EffiScience
  • Jamaica Stock Exchange
  • Menachem Education Foundation
  • Tooba University
  • Planet Tutor
  • Eshav Books
  • ICICI Securities
  • Intellitek


Because WizIQ is a cloud-based LMS solution, it’s immediately available after an organization signs up for the free trial.

Through an open API, WizIQ can integrate with several websites, LMS solutions or CRM systems using various plugins, including:

Wiziq Review with Discount Coupon -Integration

  • Efront
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Sakai
  • Drupal
  • Moodle
  • Blackboard Learn

Wiziq Review with Discount Coupon -Integration

Introducing WizIQ NextGen

The launch of WizIQ NextGen, it’s a unique platform for end-to-end online learning management. With the ability to offer and manage life, at there own pace and on scheduled courses, and measure the performance of a platform, you’ve never had so much control.

  • Clean design
    WizIQ NextGen is inspired by Google’s hardware design and looks stylish. The UI has been designed to be familiar and easily customizable.
  • Integrated learning platform
    WizIQ NextGen provides everything that is intact (virtual classroom, course designer, tester, analysis, and e-commerce) and is able to run live, at its own pace and on scheduled courses.
  • WebRTC and Microsoft Azure
    WizIQ NextGen was developed by Microsoft Azure and presents itself as a more reliable cloud platform. In addition, the new virtual classroom is based on WebRTC to enable real-time communication between browsers and devices.
  • The world’s first fully customizable mobile application.
    WizIQ NetGen includes the first fully customizable and customizable mobile learning applications for iOS and Android. Create brand learning and reach your target group directly from your smartphone.

Customer service and support

WizIQ manages a center of frequently asked questions and support forums for its users. WizIQ support staff are also available by phone, online chat, and online forms submission.

WizIQ alternative and competitors

When I talk about learning management software, I am not just talking about transgressing the physical learning area, but also about an online platform that provides flexibility in learning. Online teaching materials are expected to provide a broader “space” for discussion and use of learning resources while engaging students and teachers in group discussions. Face-to-face virtual interactions while connected to the web.

WizIQ is a virtual platform for SaaS LMS plus WebRTC that has contributed significantly to reaching the online educational goals of 4.5 million students worldwide. It offers built-in capabilities that include virtual classrooms, course management, content creation, video transmission, testing and analysis, analysis and analysis, and mobile learning.

BigBlueButton (BBB), on the other hand, is an open-source Web conferencing system that allows tutors/teachers to offer their end-users, ie students,online distance learning in high quality. Since the end-users of WizIQ and BigBlueButton are the same, here’s a quick comparison of WizIQ and BigBlueButton and why WizIQ is superior to BigBlueButton.

Comparison of virtual classes

WizIQ: provides a real-time personal learning experience in their virtual webRTC course. The main tool of the class: The whiteboard remains interactive with a full-screen table with features such as bidirectional permissions for annotations, illustrations, and online chats.

Wiziq Review with Discount Coupon -Online Classes

  • The student can speak privately with the teacher and speak in a public forum with the entire class.
  • The live course can be recorded and later shared with the students.
  • All file types can be uploaded to the Cloud Content Library on the WizIQ platform and shared during the live class. With features like live polling, an integrated library, and a collaboration code editor, WizIQ provides a better virtual learning environment than BigBlueButton.
  • Screen sharing occurs within the Live class without the need to download additional log files.

BigBlueButton: Various details make using the BigBlueButton interface difficult.
The recording and video sharing functions are slow and the time required to share a video is not specified. For WizIQ, class registration is available within 24 hours.
To share the screen, BigBlueButton users must download a Java Network Launch Protocol file that helps the instructor share the screen.
It’s comparatively easier to make custom changes in BigBlueButton because it’s open source. However, coding skills are essential.

The class link page shows their details.
The software seems familiar and simple the first time.
Easily create live sessions on the console.
Exclusive site of electronic commerce for the sale of content.
Incredibly affordable.
Create and sell online courses.
The world’s first fully customizable mobile applications.
Clean design

There is no monthly payment plan.
Minimal storage capacity
For virtual classrooms, you have to pay extra.

 Pricing:- How Much Does WizIQ Cost?

Virtual Classroom-Based Pricing

Wiziq Review with Discount Coupon - Pricing Plan

VC Essential

$27/month (Billed Annually)

  • 20 Recordings available per month
  • Vanity URL
  • Co-branded web app
  • Mobile app
  • 10 GB storage

VC Extended

$43/month (Billed Annually)

Everything in the VC Essential plan plus

  • Code Editor
  • Scheduled courses
  • Discussion forum
  • Assignments
  • Conditional access to content
  • Certificate of completion
  • Tests with multiple choice question
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • 25 Recordings available per month
  • 2 hours of personalized instructor training
  • REST API and Plugins
  • 25 GB storage

CV Enterprise

$68/month (Billed Annually)

Everything in the VC Extended plan plus

  • there own custom Stripe Gateway
  • Single sign-on
  • 30 Recordings available per month
  • Custom SMTP
  • White-labeled web app
  • Dedicated onboarding and customer success manager
  • Custom domain
  • 50 GB storage

Add-ons available:

  • Tests with 10 question types
  • Custom mobile app

User-based Pricing


$60/month (Billed Annually)

  • 10 GB storage
  • Mobile app
  • Vanity URL
  • Discussion forum
  • Co-branded web app

Elite $80/month (Billed Annually)

Everything in the Lite plan plus

  • Conditional access to content
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion
  • 2 hours of personalized instructor training
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • 25 GB storage


$107/month (Billed Annually)

Everything in the Elite plan plus

  • Custom domain
  • Dedicated onboarding and customer success manager
  • Custom SMTP
  • White-labeled web app
  • there own custom Stripe Gateway
  • Single sign-on
  • 50 GB storage

Add-ons available:

  • Tests with 10 question types
  • Custom mobile app

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Conclusion: Wiziq Review With Discount Coupon 2023

WizIQ helps users develop training and education programs that are presented in real-time or as recorded lectures. In addition, WizIQ Course Builder users can create, run, and sell courses online. It supports multiple teacher accounts, online courses, HD video streaming and live courses.
The solution also provides testing capabilities and the ability to track student performance and set milestones for students. Additional information is provided to users and teachers via analytical panels. These tools provide information about the progress and involvement of students, the performance of the instructor and, in particular, the performance of training content. WizIQ is compatible with all popular web browsers and offers a mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.
WizIQ is available in a monthly subscription that includes support via email, phone, and online knowledgebase.

WizIQ is an online learning platform with many features for businesses that you will absolutely enjoy. It has the most bells and whistles of the best systems in the world, but its price is much lower than its competitors. It’s incredibly easy for students and administrators to use.
Now you can get all the information about this amazing “WizIQ” website. Share your opinion about WizIQ in the comments section.

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