WordPress 3.6.1 – A Great Security And Maintenance Update

WordPress needs no introduction as the 3.6 version got more than 7 million downloads and due to its increased popularity the company is pleased to announce the accessibility of the new version 3.6.1. Well, it’s tipped to be a great security and maintenance update due to the smooth features that it would offer. It is advised to the business owners, that they should update their websites right away as this version has solved several issues that were present in the previous versions.

Wordpress Security

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Some of the issues that it has fixed up are:

  • The new version easily blocks unsecure PHP un-serialization that could take place in limited setups and situations that can eventually lead to remote code execution.
  • It prevents any user with an Author role that utilizes a specially crafted request from being capable of creating a post by another user.
  • Fixes up insufficient input validation that could eventually lead to leading or redirecting a client to another site.

If you wish to keep your WordPress website smoothly running then you got to keep it updated and go for the current version of the WordPress. WordPress blogging platform is an open source one and with its security features, it can definitely help your business grow. There are more than 70 million websites worldwide which are running on WordPress. This is the reason why WordPress has worked so hard to remove all the bugs. One of the best things about WordPress is that it is available as a hosted platform too. If you are more into self-hosting then this version is really good for you.

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Besides, all these features, WordPress’s latest version is taking up a strong approach for hardening the platform against safety risks. One of the best features is that an update to safety restrictions is available that mitigates the potential for cross-website scripting. All the WordPress admins need to test and update their blogs as quickly as possible in order to safeguard it from all types of probable attacks which can track the vulnerabilities which are patched in the latest version.

It is even suggested that one needs to create a strong backup of the blog first of all before running the update script. There are not many issues or side – effects but it is still good to be on the safer side.

Final Thoughts

Not many people know that WordPress 3.6.1 is a great safety update for this platform and all the self-hosted blogs will tend to benefit from it as it fixes up all the bugs and hardens the level of safety a great deal. The extensions offered with this version are also up to the mark.

So, we can easily conclude that the WordPress 3.6.1 is a great update that can give anyone a lot of hope. Promoting one’s business and taking the website to a new level can become simple with this version. It hardly has any issues and is quite secure as well. For further information, you can check out the official website of the update. Our company offers outstanding WordPress services that can help you take your business to a new level.

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