WP Time Capsule Review – The Only Backup Solution You Need ?

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WP Time Capsule Introduction

WP Time Capsule Review - Incremental WordPress Backup

With WP Time Capsule you can update your WordPress sites with confidence and the WordPress updates are safe and secured with WP Time Capsule’s reliable backup plans. Now with WP Time Capsule, you need not worry about updating your WordPress sites at all. With just one “Update all” button you can easily update everything. So, get started with it!


WP Time Capsule was founded by David, developed by Mohamed and Thamaraiselvam, tested by Aghilesh with client support of Tauseef and designed by Eshwarallaha.

WP Time Capsule - Team

This team that is involved with InfiniteWP is the team that is behind WP Time Capsule also. Talking about InfiniteWP, they power over half a million websites and they have been mastering this art of backups for more than 4 years now.

WP Time Capsule Features

According to me, the best of the features provided by WP Time Capsule are listed below:

  1. Set and Forget feature

WP Time Capsule Review- Feature set and forget

With the set and forget feature, you need to schedule your backups only once and WP Time Capsule will automatically backup your websites that too on a daily basis. WP Time Capsule gives you the power to choose specific files and the databases and you need not keep watch on the backup status or be forced to backup any of the default files when you can choose what files you want to backup.

  1. Off- site Backups feature

WP Time Capsule Review- Feature Off-site backup

WP Time Capsule respects your full privacy and for this reason, gives you complete control over the storage of your website’s backup. So, you have the option to choose between Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3 to store your website’s important files as well as the databases.

  1. One- click Restore feature

WP Time Capsule Review- Feature One-Click Restore

With this feature, you can restore your website to a point of your choice with just one simple, single click. WP Time Capsule gives you more flexibility as you can restore a specific file or an entire website or just the database or anything that you wish to restore. Also, you can restore your site when it’s down or even deleted.

  1. Staging an Update feature

WP Time Capsule Review- Feature Staging and update

With WP Time Capsule, you are allowed to stage your lives and test the updates without having to worry about the changes that are breaking your site. WP Time Capsule offers you the will power to update your WordPress sites fearlessly and you can play with all that you want without the fear of breaking your live websites.

  1. Auto Backup before manual and Auto Updates feature

WP Time Capsule Review- Feature Auto Backup

The WP Time Capsule backs up automatically before you update your site and gives you the sheer confidence to enable the auto-updating feature. You can now update your sites without having the hassle or worry that it would break your site.

Apart from these features, WP Time Capsule is very easy to install and with just a few keystrokes, you can easily set up any of the scheduled backups for your WordPress site. With WP Time Capsule, you are given a great selection of cloud storage destinations, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc. for your backups. The support of responding to issues from the team is very quick, via email service.


WP Time Capsule is a backup plugin that is built for your agency needs and it offers you several features such as saving big on your storage, the efforts that they put will bear your name instead, you can have an eagle’s eye view of your client or customer’s backups, you can patch security updates automatically, one click simple and efficient staging and get a bigger restore window for your websites, all done with this easy to use and efficient solution called “WP Time Capsule”.

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WP Time Capsule Pricing

There are two versions of WP Time Capsule: one Free version and another Pro version.

WP Time Capsule Review- Pricing

  1. Free Version: In this version, you can access and backup unlimited sites, daily backs up your site and there are 15- days restore points.
  2. Pro Version: In this version, you can access and backup unlimited sites, daily backs up your site before and after manual updates and there are 30- days restore points. Apart from this, you get the stages updates and you have an auto- update manager. It costs you $4.16 per site per month for a yearly package and $5 per site per month for a monthly package.

Feedbacks about WP Time Capsule

David Walker mentions that his website is a critical mission to his business and the frequent backups ensure that they have fall backs as well as peace of mind. WP Time Capsule is a great solution for his business.

Another famous person, Scott Wyden Kivowitz adds that WP Time Capsule is by far the simplest backup plugin interface he has ever seen and he has already replaced “ Backup Buddy “ with WP Time Capsule.

WP Time Capsule Review - Comparison with other backup solutions

Nicolai Lonne says that WP Time Capsule has saved him a ton of frustration as backups are always a hassle and it is very hard to trust the old- fashioned backup plugins. So, he found about WP Time Capsule, a third- party service that alerts him about the problems and also makes sure that backups are running properly.

John Labella mentions that backing up your site without updating the core, plugin or theme files which is a very invaluable feature, but finding that an update causes your site to break will help you easily recover your website’s operation again. WP Time Capsule is one such solution for him.

Download link

You can get started with these amazing features by providing your email address on the following link: https://wptimecapsule.com/index.php .


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  1. Thanks for posting the review.

    WP Time Capsule does not work. We used it for years to supposedly backup our blogs, and then needed to restore our blog one day recently when we had a major server crash.

    However, no matter what we tried the functionality of WP Time Capsule did not work. Out of about ten different functions in WP Time Capsule all ten produced error messages!

    We have an extremely experienced IT team in our company and none of our tech experts could get WP Time Capsule to work.

    We were tearing our hair out for days.

    Support is terrible. Somebody random anonymous guy in India or somewhere.

    It ruined our blog and we wasted dozens of hours of our time unnecessarily.

    Complete amateurish set-up and waste of time. It simply doesn’t work when it comes to the crunch in terms of restoring websites. Many reviews on the internet say the same thing (beware of all the biased affiliate ones).

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