ZeroUp Review 2023: Is It A Reliable E-Commerce Automation Software?

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We all want to make money online with e-commerce, as E-Commerce has been exploded to almost half a trillion dollars last year. Really everyone wants in on the action why not you should also go but here in order to get a good amount of money and setting up a successful it really takes a lot of hard work, struggle, time, and dedication. What if I tell you, here you can easily get a successful revenue-generating Shopify Store without doing any hard work?

Yes, you can do that with ZeroUp. Here in this post, we have given an honest- ZeroUp Review.

ZeroUp Review 2023: Can You Build A Successful E-Commerce Store?

What is ZeroUp? 

ZeroUp Is a fully developed E-Commerce automation software that can 100% automate all the processes of running a full-fledged  E-Commerce business. ZeroUp will give you the ability to create a store and fill them up with niche related products instantly.

Zero Up™ Advanced eCommerce Technology- ZeroUp Review

This truly indicates that you can easily create different stores in different niches in a very small period of time. ZeroUp is different from many other hundreds of e-commerce systems. And here it will almost do  95% of the work simply by creating your store, populating it with winning items along managing sales and fulfillment.

And the best part of that, ZeroUp takes care of fulfillment and it really doesn’t matter how many stores you have you will be always willing to create more and more stores if you will get good revenue and with this amazing platform so-called ZeroUp, you can do that.


Basically, ZeroUp is founded by Fred Lam, He has already helped in generating over 20 million in sales from the blueprint that he will be sharing with ZeroUp. And if we talk about Fred Lam, he is one of the foremost experts in the world of media buying, and right from Facebook ads to AdWords and Bing he has really mastered the art of getting traffic.

You will also get many automation tools within ZeroUp,  and here Fred has documented his experience and success as a full step by step training academy.

Key Features of ZeroUp:

Zero Up Review- Advanced eCommerce Technology- Features

  • One-click Shopify store creation:

Basically setting up a Shopify store can be a tough task for newbies.  Shopify has easy to use dashboard but many people still face various challenges and just quit within a few minutes. But here with this software automation, ZeroUp, you will have to click a button and your store will be up and  It will be functional in less than 6 minutes.

  • Fully integrated with AliExpress: ( Just access their millions of products)

Herewith this feature, you can turn China into your own Store.  And you here the thing is that if something is being sold on AliExpress then it truly indicates that you can also sell it on your own store within just a few clicks. All of your products will be listed right on your Shopify Store instantly.

  • 100% Fulfillment Automation: ( Never manually process the order)

And if you’re looking for this amazing fulfillment automation then this feature alone is worth $10,000. In the past when you got a sale you have to just go and manually place the sale. But here with ZeroUp you can easily automate the entire process and at the minute you are getting a scale, ZeroUp will fulfill that order for you. Without clicking any buttons.

  • Advanced Email Integration with 12 Autoresponders:

Most of the time we are forced to use MailChimp. But somehow all of that is having flaws and faults. Now you will get rid of that,  as ZeroUp is having incredibly sophisticated integration with more than 12 autoresponders. And trust me you will be going to add millions to your business with this amazing feature.

  • AWeber
  • Getresponse
  • Drip
  • Madmimi
  • Sendlane
  • Sendreach
  • SendGrid etc
  • Profit multiplier:

Really if someone has purchased something right from your Store the chances are for them to keep going right from your store is extremely high. And here we want to keep them from buying behavior in order to maximize our initial cart value.   With this feature, you will be able to sell right anything on your Shopify Store as it has a simple coupon creator. The coupon will really increase your sales by 30%.

  • Funnel builder:

If you know marketing then you know how important funnels are.  But most of us really think that it is only just for Digital products this is totally wrong. But here ZeroUp will allow you to develop the entire funnel along with building your own customized landing pages. So that you can easily split-test all of your product pages in order to skyrocket your sales.

Zeroup review- manage steps

  • Access to Secret Softwares:

As we all know that software can make our life easier and here if you can use the software in order to earn a good amount of money then there is nothing wrong with that. Here all the secret software will give you the ability to do many things right with a few clicks of the button along with helping you in diversifying and scaling your business right to the next level.

  • Product Engine:

This feature can really make the work simple for searching, sorting, selecting along with publishing thousands of products right on AliExpress then can be sorted and easily solved right with a one-click button. And the best part about this automation software that you can always pre-filled your store with hot selling items. You can also view the product, add to the watchlist, or simply publish it to your store.

  • Ads Idea:

No doubt this one is the most typical aspects of e-commerce in order to get products seen in your store along with buying products you will have to invest some money in Ads.  But here with ZeroUp your already to show the simplest method for driving thousands of targeted traffic right to the store with the help of Facebook ads.

Can Zero Up really make good money?

If you see Zero Up, you’ll find that most reviews are positive. You will also see that the program aims to teach you easily and get you to make the most of your methodology. The software has several features to help you get started. I have listed some below:

  1. The profit multiplier.

A sales scale allows you to keep your customers much longer. Why would you have to do that? The goal is to increase the average value of customer orders. Therefore, it is essential to keep customers.

  • videos
  • images
  • The texts
  • Vouchers
  1. Sales funnel builder.

This function is created in your shop and also hosted there. This means that you can track everything in your business and not have to look for statistics. You do not have to be a technician to understand that. Zero Up is for everyone.

  1. Basic education

The software considers training as one of the basic modules. You can start your business online and do it successfully with Zero Up. Once you have been trained by the program, you are no longer confused. Then you can focus on opportunities and expand your business.

  1. Drag the funnel builder.

The best thing about Zero Up is that it teaches you the “technical” aspects in a non-technical way. Yes, that’s true. You can create landing pages by simply dropping and moving elements on the page at the back of the site. This is very convenient as it saves time and ease of use.

With the funnel generator, you can keep customers up to date via your online store. So keep your customers and earn more money!

Zeroup review- drag the funnel

Use the click and drag tools to customize your pages. You can even create teaser pages for the next products. In this way, you can make additional sales and cross-sell to your customers. You will also get new customers with attractive and beautifully designed landing pages. The pages are also aligned with your business, so you do not have to duplicate the work.

  1. Create a shop with Shopify

We all know that creating an e-commerce website can be time consuming and expensive. With Zero Up, you’ll learn how to create your own business that already contains pages and products with a coded frame. All you have to do is import your Shopify account and then add the zero-up software – done!

To set up a Shopify store in a few easy steps

  • Download and install the Zero Up application. Afterward, your Shopify-Shop will be synchronized with this application.
  • Then you can build your site with a Store Site wizard.
  • Choose your theme from one of the ten customizable zero-up themes. All of these themes have a variety of styles and designs.
  • Then you can choose the niche of your business. This is where the fun begins. Choose one of the many slots available and the Site Builder automatically adds very popular items directly to your store! You can always delete or add items, but with this feature, you can set up a function store in minutes!
  • Add the details of your business. You will be asked to add the name of your business, your company’s e-mail address, and so on. Then click on “Publish your shop” and go!
  1. The order is fully automatic.

The software allows you to present your products on AliExpress and informs you and the customer about a tracking code. So you have nothing to do manually. The whole process is automated and you can use that time to focus on your business.

Zeroup review- final step

  1. An improved product machine.

If you use websites like AliExpress, you know that you have a very broad base of product information. They also have a very high traffic volume. You can access information about this product through Zero Up. This feature provides advanced search capabilities. In this way, you can sort your results according to the seller’s orders and ratings.

  1. Powerful e-mail integration.

We all know the power of an e-mail address. This is one of the most advanced personal information you can have about a customer. Once you have a customer’s email database, Zero Up allows you to sync customers for you. You can always e-mail them.

The functionality of the product is tuned to 11 answering machines. Once this is done, you can focus on your customers. So if you have not converted for the first time, you can still receive a second time!

How to use ZeroUp?

How Much Does ZeroUp cost?

The cost of Zero up is $1,497 Full Pay.

And if you are willing to pay in installments then you should pay: (3 Pay: 3 × $597)

Zero Up Review- The Complete System Coaching Technology- Pricing

And Looking for the best Shopify eCommerce training then you should definitely go and join Lam ZeroUp  Shopify training.


  • Build a fast and profitable business with Shopify
  • You can model the successful products of others, save pictures and email campaigns
  • You do not have to talk to people (if you are introverted)
  • If you use the direct delivery model, there is no need to inventory or invest heavily in inventory
  • Alibaba has facilitated the search for manufacturers abroad.
  • Everyone can run this business with a laptop and the internet.
  • With direct delivery, you can test the market with a minimum investment, even a few bucks for FB ads
  • Many product niches to choose from, more than happy, right?


  • Margins partly low due to high advertising costs, profit margin of 10 to 20%
  • Return process, customer complaints, and chargebacks can be very hectic at the beginning of the use
  • Problems with a foreign manufacturer
  • Low-quality control as a foreign manufacturer sends its products directly to the customer

Quick Links:


👉What is Zero Up?

Zero Up is a training program for e-commerce, It provides an automation process which really simplifies store setup, It's a great platform for entrepreneurs to learn how to grow their businesses with great speed.

👉Who is Fred Lam?

Fred Lam is a successful entrepreneur who is a specialist in e-commerce and software related to it. He has worked with BMW Canada and then became a successful entrepreneur, he also written a book called The Traffic Trilogy which is an online advertising book.

👉What is iPro Academy?

iPro Academy is an e-learning platform owned by Fred Lam’s and Zero Up is one of their primary product.

👉What are the other businesses Fred Lam’s owns?

iPro Academy is one which has two sub-products Zero Up and Water Liberty, which is an e-commerce business that's into products that are environmental-friendly. Water Liberty aims towards providing clean water and plant trees in developing nations.

👉What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model of e-commerce in which the order gets fulfilled by the supplier when the e-commerce store owner passes on the information as the retailer doesn't hold any inventory. and the product supplier ships the product directly to the end customer.

👉Do one need to download or install anything to use the Zero Up?

Not really, you need to access the software online without downloading or installing it, All you need is an internet connection and a laptop

👉How much does Zero Up cost?

You can make monthly payments of $597 for 3 months and or pay upfront $1,497.

👉Does Zero Up offers any free trial?

No. but you can program called Zero Up Lite with limited e-commerce knowledge and videos

👉Is Zero Up a Scam?

No. It's not just like Dropshipping is a very legit business model, same way Fred Zero Up is legit which has delivers a ton of useful content and more.

Final Verdict: ZeroUp Review (Should you go with ZeroUp?)

ZeroUp is Unlike any other E-Commerce software as it will be automating your entire Store. ZeroUp is basically created for individuals who are starting from zero to advanced E-Commerce owners and who are willing to scale up their E-Commerce store and if you are one of them then you are most welcome, you can just go and join ZeroUp.

It has really taken more than 12 months of production and testing in order to finally complete and announce the release of this amazing automation software called ZeroUp. And just by using this amazing automation software people are making millions of sales per month. Feel free to add your views regarding this amazing automation tool called ZeroUp right in the comment section.

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