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  • Amazon Style One click Purchase
  • Blog Tutorials, Suggestions and Tips
  • Easy Setup
  • Limitless ability to create funnels and Upsell/Downsell combinations
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Ability to use email marketing
  • Active Customer Support
  • 16.2% conversion rate on upsells
  • $375 million+ in total orders processe
  • Ezra Firestone’s Post-purchase Email Sequence


  • No Trial
  • Lots of 3rd party apps (learning curve for new shop owners)
  • Non-subscription base, Zipify receives 1.5% from each upsell

Zipify OneClickUpsell is a Shopify app. It was developed by Ezra Firestone, a true master of rapid change in the world of e-commerce. With Zipify OneClickUpsell you can submit purchase offers with one click and after that purchase for your customers. In this post, I have featured Zipify OneClickUpsell Review with Discount Coupon that you can use in order to get up to 30% Off.

Increase the average value of your order by adding additional sales to your payment history after purchase, and you will receive more money from your customers then you already have. Never lose a sale by offering additional products after purchase.

Zipify review with coupon codesThere is no danger that you will scare a customer or lose a sale. Easily optimize your revenue with in-app analytics to help you identify the best revenue and optimize for even more revenue.

With OneClickUpsell you can use Tags to create different offers depending on your order. Review the order of offers that you create based on the customer’s response.

With Zipify you can quickly customise your offer pages without the help of an Expert. OneClickUpsell has an Awesome help centre with instructional videos and chats support.

In this post, we have featured Zipify OneClickUpsell Review October 2020 with deep insight into its features and pricing.

Bottom Line: Zipify OneClickUpsell is an awesome Shopify platform where you can increase your revenue by showing the relevant products to the customers after they purchase a product and even if there is a slight chance that they will buy those relevant products then it will be a big boost to your revenue. Get the promo code Of Zipify OneClickUpsell today to save upto 30% on the annual plan.

Zipify OneClickUpsell FAQs

Is Zipify OneClickUpsell Mobile Resposnive?

Yes! Zipify OneClickUpsell Mobile Resposnive. Apart from that it works seamlessly on all screen sizes.

Zipify OneClickUpsell Money Back Guarantee

Yes! Zipify OneClickUpsell actually offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Zipify OneClickUpsell Promo Code | Save Upto 30% (100% Verified)


review for Zipify with coupon codes


Zipify OneClickUpsell Review October 2020: Is It Worth the Hype?

Zipify Review- One Click Upsells


Here are the features included with Zipify one-click upsell:

  • Upsell & Downsell
    Check the order of offers that you create based on the customer’s response …
  • Upsell Tags
    Use tags to make different offers according to your order …
  • Great Support
    We’re going to take care of you! OneClickUpsell has a Customer support centre with instructional videos and chat support.
  • Simple Design Editor
    Easily customise your offer pages without the help of a Graphic designer …
  • Pinpoint Targeting                                                                                                                                                A good upsell is a relevant upsell, and there is no offer more relevant to the customer than one based on a product they just bought. Maybe that’s why their upsells have a stellar 16.2% conversion rate!

Additional Benefits of Zipify OneClickUpsell

oneclickupsell zipify reviewUpSelling is a difficult task and it is a sales strategy that allows you to present more products to a customer, such as Upgrades, add-ons, accessories and more. If there are matching products in your store, selling or cross-selling can quickly improve your store’s performance.

One of the main features of Zipify OneClickUpsell is that you do not have to worry about losing a customer if they do not want your upsell. Your additional sales offers are only visible when a customer has purchased an item in Your store.

Zipify Review- What Is One Click Upsells

Zipify has developed a sophisticated Shopify application that can display additional sales and sales in sequential order. This means that your additional sale will be displayed once your customer has completed their payment. If they refuse the Upsell then a Downsell will be offered to the consumer.

Shopify 14-Day Free Trial | Zipify Free Trial

To use Zipify One Click Upsell, you need a Shopify store. For anyone who is reading this review, you can create an e-commerce store, right now, for free.

Zipify coupon codes with reviewWhen you go to, all you need is an email to start a free 14-day trial. Best of all, you don’t need a credit card for this.

  • Step 1

The first step to obtain your free trial is you need to enter your email address.

  • Step 2

After you have entered your email address and clicked on “Get started” you will be asked for your store name that you want to register and a password.

Zipify discount coupon codes witn review


  • Step 3

And then you need to enter some information about your current Revenue.

oneclickupsell zipify with coupon codes


  • Step 4

Zipify Promo Codes with review


Next, fill in your store information and address

First Name: Your name

Last Name: Your surname

Street Address: Your address

City:Your city

Zip / Postal Code: xxxxx

Country: your country

Phone Number: Your phone number

Tip: In this step, you just fill in your real information to facilitate the add payment card into Shopify. You will reset the information and address aboard in the following setting.

Here you have completed the registration of your store at Shopify. Now set up payment, shipping, theme and add domain names.

  • Step 5

The Last and final step is to check your email for a confirmation message to activate your account.

coupon code with review for Zipify


Getting started on Shopify is quick and easy. Then, with your account activated you are ready to start building your e-commerce store and installing Zipify OneClickUpsell.

Setting Up An Upsell Funnel With Zipify OneClickUpsell

Zipify app review coupon code

Step 1: Add a New Funnel

Zipify oneclickupsell coupons

  1. Click on Add New
  2. Enter Name and Description to your funnel.
  3. Press Create and you will be redirected to Funnel Builder

Step 2:  Set Up Rules

  1. Set up Rules or conditions to trigger the funnel. Funnel will trigger when these rules are matched.
  2. Save the Rules

Step 3: Add an Offer

  1. Click on Offer tab and new mode will open up
  2. Enter Name & Type of offer. The first offer should always be an Upsell
  3. Press Add and this will create a new step on the right

Step 4: Add a Product to Offer

  1. Click on Add A product
  2. Select Product to be added to offer
  3. Enter discount percentage and flat rate shipping charges if any
  4. Press Save
  5. You can keep the default settings for now

Step 5: Customize Design

  1. Click on Product Upsell Template
  2. Press Activate
  3. Press Customise to launch Design Customizer. You can tweak design but get yourself familiar with the interface
  4. Save changes and exit the Customizer

Step 6: Funnel Settings

  1. Review the settings
  2. Switch to Live Mode
  3. Exit Funnel

Step 7: Go to Global Settings

  1. Click on Payment Gateways
  2. Activate Test Gateway (visible only to admin)

You are all set to run the first funnel.

Go to the front end and test the funnel to see how the offer looks.

Zipify OneClickUpsell - Increase Your Average Order Value Overnight

Creating An Upsell Strategy

Below are the Awesome 12 Points which is based on Market Research and help you to Enhance your Sells.


zipify coupon codes 2019

  1. Set and track measurable goals.
  2. Start with your best customers.
  3. Identify customers who have a real need for additional services.
  4. Conduct quarterly reviews of the company
  5. Offer a trail.
  6. Use the social test to convince them.
  7. Create a customer case study
  8. Pitch ideas not just updates.
  9. Understand your target audience
  10. Ensure a transparent price breakdown.
  11. Segment your clientele
  12. Illustration of products and solutions on segments.

Pros and Cons of Zipify OneClickUpsell


  • Increase store profits
  • Zipify blog has tutorials, suggestions, and tips
  • Easy to get started
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Limitless ability to create funnels and Upsell/Downsell combinations
  • Ability to use email marketing
  • Active support team


  • No trial
  • Lots of 3rd party apps (learning curve for new shop owners)
  • Requires credit card
  • Non-subscription base, Zipify receives 1.5% from each upsell

Zipify OneClickUpsell Pricing | Zipify Free Trial

Zipify coupon codes review
The application is either $47 for a monthly subscription or $397 for a yearly subscription, plus 1.5% of upsell revenue (sales made through an upsell offer). They will never charge you for any non-upsell related revenue

  • Monthly Plan

    $47 / Per Month

    +1.5% of Upsell Revenue

    (Billed Monthly)
  • Annual Plan

    $33 / Per Month (Billed Annually)

    +1.5% of Upsell Revenue

    SAVE 30% With Annual Billing


Zipify review with promo codes


Purchase Zipify today and get 100% risk-free because OneClickUpsell comes with a full 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase, simply contact their friendly support desk and you will promptly be given a full refund without asking any question.

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Conclusion: Zipify OneClickUpsell Review 2020 | Zipify Promo Codes October 2020 | Get Upto 30% Off

Configuring Zipify OneClicksUpsells can take a while. However, the potential for higher profits is considerable and may be worth the subscription cost, depending on the traffic of your store. Here’s a summary of the benefits and potential issues you can expect when choosing Zipify for your store:

This review describes the basics of using Zipify and setting up additional sales. Although you must make a payment to test OneClickUpsell, you will not lose your money if you discover additional sales funnel that you earn.

Overall, Zipify OneClickUpsell is a powerful tool for Shopify store owners to increase the profit after purchase.

You now have a detailed review of Zipify, which includes all the knowledge and benefits of the products. If you really want to grow your e-commerce business, start with Zipify now. Zipify will Enhance Your Shopify Store with Legitimate Marketing Tools That Will Help You Develop Your E-commerce Business. I hope you find this review of Zipify interesting.

We hope this post fits you well. Feel free to leave your comments on OneClickUpsell – Smart Marketer Zipify Applications in the comments section.

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