ZoConvert Review 2023: Is It Best Facebook Messenger Chatbot??

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The development of Messenger Marketing Platforms in the past few years has brought about a revolutionary change in the field of Online Marketing. Of all the messenger marketing apps, Facebook Messenger has marked its unique presence and ranks to be the most widely used messenger across the Globe. With this said, several Facebook Messenger Marketing Platforms have levelled up the process of online marketing with their user-friendly interface, automated ChatBots, and quick customer interaction.

One such amazing platform that has, lately, been a huge attraction for online marketers is ‘ZoConvert’. This marketing platform is emerging out to be ranked on the list of Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platforms and is eyed by every other online marketer in the field. But what has made ‘ZoConvert’ stand out from the rest and become highly popular in such little time? Here’s a review of ZoConvert that will give a clear understanding of all its features and the good/bad things about it.

But before jumping to the review right away, let us get a bit informative on what an ideal Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform should have.

zoconvert review 2018

What Should Facebook Messenger Marketing Platforms Have and Why Use Them?

These marketing platforms have taken over the email marketing trend and have set a new standard in the field of online marketing. Email marketing was definitely a friendly platform and is even now being used by a lot of marketers online. But what these Messenger Marketing Platforms provide to the online marketers is far more rewarding, beneficial, and convenient to make a mark in the competitive world of digital marketing. The crucial benefit of using a messenger marketing platform, especially facebook messenger, is the quick and easy vendor-customer interactivity.

Unlike emails, which tends to be mostly a one-way form of communication, where only the vendor gets to advertise his products and the customers have a very little chance of interacting with them, Facebook messenger marketing platforms have become highly popular due to their 1-1 interaction facility. Moreover, Facebook has over 2 billion active users and this is undoubtedly a gold digger for online marketers to advertise their products.

With all this said, finally, here are the super cool benefits that any Facebook messenger marketing platform offers to the online or digital marketers:

  • An attractive and user-friendly interface
  • Automated ChatBots to interact with customers, based on predefined keywords and questions.
  • Useful chat plugins to enhance customer interaction and in turn calling in more subscribers
  • Customizable Pop-ups for the site with only a single javascript. This feature makes it easy for the developers to handle several pop-ups with only one javascript, without having to add separate code every time a new pop-up is required.
  • Capacity to make unlimited number of pages under one account
  • Easy process to create ad-campaigns
  • Keeping a track of the customers’ activities to provide them with the latest advertisements suiting their needs
  • The FB fans can be converted to subscribers easily using the comment tool.
  • Simple Subscribers list can be obtained with their email, phone and even the current location.
  • Detailed information on the page subscribers can be obtained
  • Easy to use and integrate automation campaigns for e-commerces. E.g.- Cart recovery

With this known, let us finally get into the review of ZoConvert and analyze whether this platform has got it all or has better features or falls short in any of them.

 ZoConvert Review: Is It the Best Facebook Messenger Chatbot? March 2023 || Read Here

What is ZoConvert and what are the ‘Features’ of this Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform?

ZoConvert keyfeatures


ZoConvert calls itself a ‘Smart Optimization Tool’ for Facebook Messenger and guarantees an easy bot development process within minutes. It comes with an exceptionally user-friendly interface and is booming to be termed as one of the Best ChatBot Development Platforms in 2018. Developed just a year ago, ZoConvert comes with advanced digital marketing features coupled with an easy to understand interface. Here are some of the splendid features this platform offers:

  • ZoConvert offers a personal dashboard from where the marketer can integrate his/her website/page with ease.
  • Pre-written codes for easy and quick bot development process.
  • The feature of creating automated ad-campaigns that pop-up to the users at right times.
  • Ability to post up to 10 ad-campaign cards with every message.
  • Message broadcasting feature
  • Customized widgets and pop-ups.
  • Handy chat plugins.
  • Structured subscribers’ list.
  • Timely automated advertisements to hook in more subscribers.

Review about Zoconvert

These features cover most of the standard benefits of any facebook messenger marketing platform, but with the addition of pre-written codes for easy ChatBot development. All of these friendly features are enough for online marketers to have a smooth and hassle-free marketing experience.

reviww about ZoConvert with codes

ZoConvert review with features


Now, let’s dive into the pros and cons of using ZoConvert and finally conclude with a sum up of all the details discussed in the essay.

 Pros and Cons of Using ZoConvert:

·        PROS:

These advantages/pros or benefits are on account of the exceptional features ZoConvert offers to its users:

  1. Increases Subscribers/Audience:
  • The automated ChatBots can be easily set up to create automated welcome messages, ad-campaigns, and product offers, without any requirement of advanced coding knowledge.
  • Easy and quick subscribers with the ‘Commenting Tool’, that converts the people commenting on the Facebook posts into potential subscribers.
  • Automated reach to an audience with similar interests as that of the marketer’s products.

reviw about ZoConvert features

  • Timely advertising of product sales and new arrivals through personalized messages that can hold up to 10 ad cards.
  • Message broadcasting feature that provides over 80% open rates and more than 50% click rates.

ZoConvert review -broadcast messages


  1. Easy Setup and Friendly Customizable Options:
  • Provides a very quick and easy installation and setup option in comparison to other Facebook messenger marketing platforms. Users simply have to sign up with their Facebook ID with which they manage their pages and the registration is done.

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  • Other platforms require the javascript to be integrated each time a new pop-up is created. But ZoConvert helps the developers to get rid of this issue and makes it easy for them to handle all the pop-ups with just one time javascript integration.
  • Provides easy customizable pop-ups and widgets for the user’s website and converts website audience to potential Facebook subscribers.
  • Personal dashboard facility to manage to integrate ZoConvert into the website or blog. It is suitable for WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc.
  • Friendly interface for e-commerce, B2B, B2C, etc. with smart cart recovery options and additional trigger options suiting all types of businesses.
  • Facility to create landing pages and simple holders for page-name, username, etc.

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  1. Helps the User to Stay Organized:
  • Helps in maintaining a structured subscribers’ list with important details such as email id, contact number, location, etc. Subscribers do not have to specify these details; the ZoConvert tool will automatically collect them.

review about Zoconvert and features

  • Regulates and manages the chat flow, thereby enabling the user to keep a track of all the customer chats and interactions.
  • Keeps a track of the subscribers’ list in regards to new subscriptions and also makes it easy for the customers to unsubscribe.
  • Helps in calculating the page’s growth with easy to use growth tools.


·        CONS:

Till date, ZoConvert has been successful in limiting the number of cons it has. User reviews across the web reveal the following cons about this Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform:

  • Lack of templates
  • Lack of the advanced bot features like storage of the complete database of your users in one location, managing the page functionality to the deep cores, suggesting improvements on the basis of customer experience. However, the chatbots available right now, make it very easy to communicate with the subscribers and their database can be monitored with quick access options.
  • The ‘comment tool’ that converts the people, commenting on an advertising post, into the page’s subscribers, is a bit troublesome for the customers. This is because that people might have just come across the advertisement, but are not really interested to subscribe to the page; and all of a sudden, a post may spring up and then they realize that they have never subscribed to the page. Repeated actions like this with the same user may end up in getting the page reported and Facebook can take actions on such activities.


What is the Price/Cost of ZoConvert?

  • The pricing scheme followed by ZoConvert is based on the number of subscribers the ChatBot gets.
  • The price is FREE up to 500 subscribers.
  • Once the subscribers’ list crosses the 500 mark, the billing process begins and the user will be charged based on ZoConvert’s tier-based scheme.

ZoConvert pricing

review about ZoConvert coupon codes

ZoConvert review with pricing

Why Use ZoConvert Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform Despite the CONS?

What has no cons at all? Every tool used in any industry comes with certain disadvantages. But those few cons don’t wash away the tool’s actual credibility and numerous benefits. ZoConvert comes with a few, in fact, a negligible number of cons that the designers guarantee of overcoming in their future updates. These cons cannot wipe away the flexibility, easy interface, and quick help tools, the platform provides to thousands of online marketers across the Globe.

Vostrolife, a women’s shopping website, has used ZoConvert as their messenger marketing platform and has found a straight 20% increase in their sales. The platform has enabled an easy and quick interaction with the customers, which in turn has increased their sales and click rates.

ZoConvert review

Summary: ZoConvert Review March 2023: Is It the Best Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

To sum up all the facts from the above sections, ZoConvert is ideal for online marketers who wish:

  • For a simple and comfortable interface with customizable features.
  • To have a quick ChatBot setup without having any coding knowledge. Obviously, not everyone does coding.
  • For hassle-free customer interaction.
  • To enjoy automated ad-campaigns and broadcast.
  • To have simple yet effective plugins to customize the websites.
  • To spend a few extra pennies for an easy-to-use marketing platform.

There are ample numbers of Messenger Bot Builder Platforms available in the market and ZoConvert is making a clear-cut way into the list of Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platforms. All types of businesses are being highly benefited by the easy features this platform provides and online marketers are finding a best friend in this platform. Hence, giving a chance for ZoConvert to prove its mettle is highly recommended.

If you have used this tool previously or after the recommendation, please drop a feedback for this tool in the comment box!!

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