Best Zoolz Special Discount Coupon Codes 2020: Save 75% Now

Best Zoolz Special Discount Coupon Codes





Cloud Backup


  • Tribrid Protection
  • Data Saved for life and never deleted
  • Unlimited External Drives for 2 users
  • Supports Windows, Mac and Mobile viewing
  • Scheduled Backups Offers
  • Block Level Backups for large files
  • Unshare links with ease
  • Secure transfer of all files with AES 256 Protection


  • Customer support needs improvement

We all understand the need to take a backup of your important files. For this, you can trust Zoolz, a trusted partner for the online storage of data. It helps you to store any type of file from your desktop, mobile or a tablet PC.

Zoolz is an outstanding service for the backup of your files. It promises lifetime, secure and unlimited storage of the files using incredible “Cold Service” provided by Amazon Glacier.  There is a facility of “instantaneous storage” of files offered where you are able to download all the stored data at great speed. Save up to $375 & 96% discount  with these current Zoolz promo discount coupons codes for November 2020. Also read Zoolz Review

Zoolz Cloud Backup

With Zoolz, you can store the files for a lifetime – even after they get deleted from your computer. This facility is not provided by many of the online backup services.  The software provides you with an easy to use desktop interface and many others features to look forward to. Let’s discuss some of them below:

Advantages of using Zoolz

  • Offers unlimited storage space
  • Starts from only $3 per month
  • Provides Faster backups of the files
  • Files are stored forever
  • Simple to use desktop interface

Best Zoolz  Discount Coupon Codes November 2020: Save 75% Now

Zoolz Discount Coupon Code


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Zoolz Cloud Storage – 2TB Lifetime Plan
Lifetime Storage in The Cloud for All of Your Data
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Zoolz Business Terabyte Cloud Storage (10 TB) – Unlimited Users/Servers


Zoolz Mixed Plans :


Genie9 Backup  Coupon Codes November 2020


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There has never been a better time to store your data in the cloud, and cloud security has also never been better than today! You need a service that’ll securely back you up for life, and you need a service that won’t cost you thousands a year because you need terabytes of storage.

However, for a limited time, Zoolz is offering full access to their 2TB storage model for life. All you pay is a one-time fee of $59.99.

Zoolz Cloud Storage offers an elegant solution. You can get 1TB of cloud storage for data you access regularly, it’s easy to use just drag and drop files via a web browser along with 1TB of cold storage that lets you store those important files you can’t afford to lose and will allow you to automatically back your data.

Its a lifetime deal, so you will pay only once you will never be charged any extra fees, and you can access your cloud storage from multiple devices. Your data is protected with 256-AES encryption to better safeguard your stuff, and you can schedule backups and throttle bandwidth during uploads. Place files you know you won’t soon need in cold storage — takes three to five hours to access — or place files you frequently need in standard storage that can be accessed instantly.

Why Zoolz is the most practical lifetime cloud storage?

  1. It’s a LIFETIME Deal, pay only once.
  2. 2 Terabyte cloud storage; 1 Instant Vault & 1 Cold storage.
  3. Highly secure (Based on Amazon AWS), data will be encrypted before leaving your machine.
  4. Supports Windows, Mac and Mobile viewing.
  5. Unlimited External Drives for 2 users.
  6. Data Saved for life and never deleted
  7. Tribrid Protection

Avoid losing files to an unexpected hard drive crash from precious photos and videos to important documents, there’s a lot of data on our devices that we rarely think about — until we lose it. Don’t wait and backup your data now

Detailed Review of Zoolz November 2020

Though, Zoolz is not one of the giants in the cloud storage services but still it does what the most notable cloud storage services can’t really do. For some reasons, I chose zoolz coupons because it doesn’t just store images, videos, audios or documents. It also analyzes them well so that you can search them much like a search engine.
I have got the most detailed review of Zoolz with promo codes for you.

Zoolz Business Overview


Zoolz has got the data centers across the globe. You can create your backup in any of the closest data center. It has data centers in North America region, UK and Europe region, Australia and New Zealand region and Tokyo region. If you are located outside these regions, your backup will be stored in the North America regions.
It makes sure that all your files are prone to any hardware failure or create a safe data. The upload and download time of the files is pretty good. Though, most of it depends on your Wi-Fi speed and file size but still Zoolz manages to create the backup quickly and efficiently.

Ease of Use

Signing up for the Zoolz needs a business account. After signing in, you can get a 14-day free trial or you can upgrade your account any time with more features. Zoolz has got the most intuitive interface with almost everything right on the dashboard. You can also setup your Zoolz client called Zoolz intelligence which can be downloaded in Windows as well as MAC. A mobile version for the same is also available.
In the dashboard, you can view everything which is necessary. Moreover, you can create a quick backup for the files. Though backup is not a simple one, it still is quick. You can choose the data that needs to backup or restore.
In the left panel of the dashboard, you can get access to the number of features such as:

Zoolz Dashboard

• Discover:

Works much like the search engine. You can search your files or documents from your storage. You can add devices, add dropbox to your dashboard which will allow you to download Zoolz intelligence. I loved the refine option where you can filter your choices on the basis of the file type (images, videos, documents, audio or videos), size of the file , date modified. Moreover, the Zoolz intelligence analyze the objects in the images or videos which makes the search easy. It also detects the face and search the images with same face.

discount coupon for zoolz discover

Users/Servers: Add servers or users to your dashboard. You can also add deployment to the cloud storage.

zoolz coupons server dashboard

Policies: Choose how you want to create backup for the users. You can create the policies for your users.

Settings: Lets you create the hot as well as the cold storage retention as well as the deleted file retention.

Audit: Create an audit for your site and backup

Reports: Get a detailed report for your Billing, Warnings or alerts, reports about the user locations or deployment reports. You can also get the reports for your bandwidth or any storage and reports for devices.

promo codes for zoolz reports

Upgrade: When you need to change your plans, you can upgrade it and make use of the discount coupons for Zoolz.


Zoolz has been a trusted source of use among its users. It resides on the Amazon AWS cloud which means all your data is stored in AWS cloud. Amazon AWS has been listed in the most trusted clouding service in the Fortune 100 list.
Zoolz takes care of the security norms and is much concerned about its customers’ privacy. It encrypts every file before sending to the zoolz servers. This is good in some sense as no one can get access to you files or images by any means. Once you have created your account, and in case you have forgotten your password, you can’t recover it since Zoolz doesn’t keep check of your password. Once you create your account, an authentication call with the code will be sent to your mobile.
This significantly means that all your data is stored in 256-bit encryption which contains the 256 AES SSL and 256 AES at rest encryption.

Zoolz Windows Server Backup AES 256 Encryption Data Storage Solutions


There are two separate plans for the Zoolz users- Zoolz home and Zoolz business. In the zoolz business, there are intelligent cloud and cloud archive with the same features in the Zoolz home.
With Zoolz home, you can choose the cloud backup service if you are willing to get some limited features at a reasonable price. There are plans to choose from:
• Family: Considered ideal for household protection and costing around $39.95 per year with the Zoolz Cloud backup coupons.
• Heavy: Considered ideal for heavy usage. It would cost you $99.95 per month at a discounted price.

Zoolz Cloud Storage solutions for home users


Also, Zoolz cloud backup for Business is somewhat costly. You should only buy it only if you willing it to buy for the business purpose. The plan ranges from $252 per year to $9450 per year after you use the promo codes for Zoolz.

oupon codes for zoolz cloud pricing

Buy Zoolz Business pack and get up to 50% OFF

Customer Support

Zoolz has a customer friendly support system. It offers the user with the email and phone support system. While there is a live chat option but is is only available for the sales purpose. Once you upgrade your plan, you will get the gold plan which includes the dedicated customer support team. With 24/7/365 service in the phone, the email response time is pretty good (less than 24 hours). Moreover, there are more discount coupons for Zoolz customers.
There are help centers and FAQs about the Zoolz clouding system. There is a separate team for the technical assistance and sales department.

Zoolz Storages

Cold Storage
Zoolz’s cold storage service gives the extremely low cost storage that give secure and the most reliable solution to its users. With the cold storage services, you can create automatic backups, add files automatically and the data can be stored more effectively in multiple facilities. There are number of features and pricing plans to choose the Cold storage facility.

Zoolz HowTo - Restore

Why should you use Zoolz

Zoolz offers different performance modes so that you can adjust the speed of the backup according to the usage of your processor. The various modes offered are turbo and smart mode. Zoolz uploads all your data on the cloud; Hybrid+ takes the backup on your local drive. And yes, the size of your Hybrid+ drive is limited by Zoolz so that if you have more data than that can be accommodated on your local hard drive, you don’t get tensed about it.

Also, for the users of Android and IOS enabled smartphones, there is a file viewer app provided for viewing of the files on your smartphones. But to download those files, you need to use the desktop or web interface app only. Also, one of the amazing features of Zoolz is that it offers RAW Image Support which works perfectly for photographers who can preview the backup RAW files as per their convenience.

Introducing Zoolz Intelligent Cloud - The Future Of Cloud Backup

One of the best parts of Zoolz is the customer support service it offers. You get a reply within 24 hours to your tech support emails. I had submitted a ticket and was responded back within 12 hours and that too on a Saturday, the day when you least expect a reply from any support team. Thus, the tech support team is pretty efficient. Also, the help center is very useful as it contains answers to all the frequently asked questions and you would get an answer to most of your doubts there.

About 40 gigabytes of data you can backup on a daily basis with Zoolz. So, if you internet connection can match up the speed, this is pretty quick!

Zoolz Pricing Unlimited Users Servers for 30 mo.

Although, I need to say that the restoration speed is slow, and it might take you longer to download the files from the cold storage.

All the data is protected with the use of 256-bit AES encryption. All the files get encrypted on your laptop or desktop itself. Then, the encrypted data are transferred over the SSL, and then these get finally saved on the servers of Zoolz.

If you wish to add the security of your data, then you even have the feature to add your encryption key or passphrase. This makes sure that only you can decrypt your data and nobody else. And by any chance, if you tend to forget the passphrase, there is no way to recover the files back. Thus, the security offered is unmatchable.

Thus, with so many features and benefits, you should get this product right away. But wait on; we have got some alluring for you. Our website is the right place to buy the trusted discounted Zoolz coupons.

There is a vast range of coupons offered by Zoolz depending on your requirement of business or home environment.

Conclusion : Best Zoolz Discount Coupon Codes November 2020: Save 75% Now

Hope you like the Zoolz coupons and save $$$ with the fantastic deals and coupons offered. Zoolz is worth spending your money on, and when you can get an amazing discount on it, why not make use of it? Don’t forget to share this awesome Zoolz Coupon Codes on social media. Join BloggersIdeas on FacebookGoogle+ & Twitter . Also do subscribe our Youtube Channel.